E Fuori Nevica! Repeat Performances

Bravo!  This February 12th, Forum Giovani di Pontelandolfo produced E Fuori Nevica!  The young actors had only planned on one performance – wrong!  The show was so well recieved that an encore performance is being presented stasera, tonight, Friday, February 24, 2017.


2’nd Chance to See the Play!

Enthusiasm for the actors, the play and the project has moved beyond the boundaries of Pontelandolfo.  The play will also be touring to Casalduni and Fragnetto!    Whew – my enthusiasm is leaping ahead.  You’re probably wondering who, what, where…

WHO:  Forum Giovani di Pontelandolfo is the association of young adults that actively endeavors to bring culture, entertainment and a grand good time to the village.  Many of them were involved in the July, 2016 collaborative theatrical production of Sacro di Santa GiocondinaThe production was so well received and such a positive experience for the young thespians that they wanted to continue to bring quality theater to the community.


“It’s Snowing Outside” presented in Teatro San Rocco

The comedy deals with the familiar theme of family relationships and dealing with a handicapped sibling.  The characters include: the burgeoning musician, Enzo, played by Gennaro Santopietro; Cico, suffering from autism, played by Antonio Del Ciampo (President of the Forum); Giovanni Ruggiero plays Stefano, the brother with an excessive sense of responsibility; and Valerio Mancini (my handsome cousin in blue blazer) plays the notary.  Paola Corbo and Jonathan Moavero provided technical support.

WHAT:  E Fuori Nevica! by Vincenzo Salemme is the tale of three brothers thrust together by their mother’s death.  In order for the three men to inherit from mom, they had to live together .  That means three incredibly different personalities – including an autistic adult, obsessive, and bopper – find themselves in the same house.  The story is hilarious, touching and heartfelt. Author, Salemme, born in Bacoli, Province of Naples, is a familiar comedic actor and writer.  He worked with the prestigious company of Eduardo De Filippo and has written and starred in numerous films.  You might recognize him from the RAI series Da Nord a Sud… e ho detto tutto!


WHERE:   The City Council granted Forum Giovani free use of sala-teatro Papa Giovanni Paolo.  The multi purpose room is behind Chiesa San Rocco on Via San Rocco.

I am in New Jersey and this is happening tonight in Pontelandolfo!  ERRRRRRRRG.

Ci vediamo.


Forum Giovani – The Young Producers

Forum Giovani

Over the years I watched the young people of Potelandolfo produce theatrical events, calcio tournaments, festas and more.  I knew there was something called Forum Giovani but I didn’t really get what it was.  I’m thinking like Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney – a couple of kids get togther and make stuff happen.  You will not believe this – because it sure doesn’t happen in New Jersey – but the region and or Italia  gives each town a stipend of €2,500 earmarked for Forum Giovani. The teens to early twenty-somethings, that choose to be involved in the group, use this as seed money to produce events.  This is a really good thing!

The forum has a two room office that they use for meetings.  The commune provides the office, computer and furniture.  They only call meetings when they need them. Smart huh – no mandatory monthly BS.  Now, just what do these kids do with that money???

You conservatives out there need to stop thinking of it as a socialisitic handout.  The money is used for administrative overhead – paper, pens, ink for the printer, light bulbs etc. It really is seed money – watch those dollars and young entrepreneurs grow.  Having the administrative bills paid for all their energy goes into raising capital for events. A prime example is the Beer Festival that was organized and produced by Forum Giovani Pontelandolfo.

In order to produce a large community wide event, the kids had to develop and demonstrate a good arts administration skill set.  I know about that stuff – I did it and taught it.  These kids learned experientially, which to my mind is the absolute best way.

Here’s what this professoressa obserserved – the kids had the ability to:

  1. Raise adequate funds to underwrite the event by approaching and acquiring 20 sponsors.  Not an easy feat during the South’s economic crisis.  Ask and you shall receive – Fundraising 101. Thank you to all of the sponsors.
  2. Design and destribute great marketing material – the uber talented Valerio Mancini did the art work.  We know it worked because the place was packed.
  3. Negotiate with venders – some of whom were sponsors – for great deals on beer, sausages and all the trimmings. Set prices to cover costs and create a profit center.
  4. Rent a stage and organize the set up of the lights and sound. It helps that one of the areas largest tech theater companies is owned by a Pontelandolfese!
  5. Set up Ex-calcetto Nero ( a big open space) to insure that there were enough tables and refreshment stations.  All borrowed from Pro Loco Santa Croce – networking really works.
  6. Create two nights worth of activities and entertainment.  They hired the home town favorite – Ri Ualanegli – the dance company is huge and has a huge following. Night two featured The Dish Rock Band – also local and with a following. PR 101 –  hire groups with lots of performers and/following – guaranteed audience that buys your beer and sausages.
  7. Handle budgeting and fiscal accountablity – note there was never just one person by the money boxes.  Which was kind of cute as one person took money and the second gave you your beer or food tickets.  Well the boys were cute – the wait while they tore the tickets not so cute.

Was it all wonderful – nah they forgot to precook sausages and the wait for a sausage sandwhich was a three beer wait. – Hmmm – maybe that was the plan.  Also, they didn’t organize traffic well by the food and drink.  Did they learn – you bet.

But enough of my academic chatter – lets see what they have to say.