Theatre and Me

Theatre has always been my passion. Experience the joy of Reading a Script!

During and after one of the most horrific tragedies our nation has ever faced, our keyboards kept us connected. Email: 9/12 is a five-character play that demonstrates how sharing, caring, grieving and even allowing a spark of humor to fly through cyberspace helped our nation get through the painful aftermath of 9/11.  It would be great for any American History class.

Wanda, lives on a hilltop with her family and a herd of goats.  She is incredibly lonely but none of the kids in the valley are interested in being her friend.  It is Halloween, the perfect time for Wanda to trick the children in the valley into being her buddies.  Ooops, that was a big mistake.  Wanda cries Witch one to many times and inadvertently conjures up, Matilda, a really frightening witch.  Follow Wanda on her journey.  Along the way, she learns that feeling special, being happy with who she is, enjoying where she lives and always telling the truth is the best way to find and keep friends. 

In story theatre fashion, the play brings the fables of the Eastern Woodland Indians to life. Stories range from the creation of the world, the clans, European Explorers to ritual. Many Snows Ago is based on the extremely short tales of the Lenape and other Eastern Woodland People. The dramatization and embellishment of these tales was done to engage today’s young audience while still imparting the wisdom of this noble group of people. Perfect for schools and actors of all ages. Perfect for an elementary school unit on indigenous people.

“The Eagle and the Old Woman” is based on an Ashanti tale,An old woman struggles down a long and dusty trail to buy un-bruised bananas for her spoiled granddaughter. Great Eagle, feeling pity for the woman, repairs her damaged legs and magically creates a bucolic village for her full of the people in her life who love her. But soon after, a thunderous storm in the new village becomes the harbinger of the old woman’s overindulged progeny. Will this cantankerous child literally bite the claw that feeds them?