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Valerio PonteThe capodanno photo above is by local digital artist, Valerio Mancini. Our Italian home town, the little village of Pontelandolfo, high in the Sannio hills of the Provincia di Benevento, knows how to celebrate .  Curious about life in a small hill town?  Tired of beating your way through crowds of tourists and want to see a slice of real Italian life?  Why not come to Pontelandolfo – we’ll keep the caffè on for you.


General Information: As I collect information, this section will be updated.

Remember, this is Italy and we do things a wee bit differently here.  The shops and services open early in the morning – by 8:30 if not earlier.  Except for the bars, they close at about 1:00 and reopen between 4:30 and 5:00 PM until about 7.  That mid-day break is very civilized.

You need to be familiar with the Italian Holiday Calendar.  Things close, parties happen and hotels may be full.

Visit Pontelandolfo and the Pontelandolfo News are helpful sites.

Pontelandolfo 1861 tells the history of the town with a particular emphasis on its destruction by the Piedmontese occupation troupes.  Estate Del Terrore recounts the burning, pillage, and murders of men, women and children on August 14, 1861.  The web site is part of a larger initiative to bring tourists to town. Read about the program at this post The Pontelandolfo 1861 Project.


Bioagriturismo Borgo Cerquelle is the only hotel in Pontelandolfo with a website.  That makes them easy to reach. BorgoCerquelle is the site and after reading about this organic farm, we made sure to try the restaurant. The food is abundant and incredible.  They also served us homemade liquors!  We have hosted large groups there and the owners are absolutley wonderful.  Here is their e-mail address –  +39 338.685. 7493

B&B Calvello  takes its name from the mountain that it is nestled in.  Angela and Salvatore have restored a series of buildings that were home to Angela’s ancestors.  The view from the mountain is incredible.  Trails to an adjacent park provide a great way to walk off great meals.  Angela, through our Cooking in the Kitchens of Pontelandolfo program, taught a group of Americans some traditional dishes.  Travel through time with your taste buds!

Il Gelso Bianco is another B&B perched on the mountain.  A scant five minutes to the piazza, the facility lets you enjoy the mountain views.  The Perugini family are wonderful hosts.


Bar Elimar is a place I love to sit, stare and write in.  Caffè to cocktails help make this a comfortable place to sit and watch the world go by.  Marilina Mazzamauro and Elio Di Muragi are you hosts. Piazza Roma

Ponte Simone is a bar, place to play lotto and the slots, grocery store and more.   Angela and Nicola are the young and well organized owners. Ponte Sorgento. The Bar/Store has a FaceBook page.

Bar Grotte has become our “go to” place to bring our cultural adventurers to for Apericena. Your hosts Elianna and Aurelio are wonderful.

Cafe Style is the newest addition to our bar scene.  Located in Contrada Santa Caterina, it has parking, indoor and outdoor seating and a wonderful host.  Great place to stage parties.

Local Resturants:

Non Solo Pizza at Piazza Roma #10 sells pizza by the slice or whole.  They also have a lot of scrumptious snacks like arancini balls, calzones and rustica.  Emilia Lese, the owner, catered a party for me and everything was yummy. +39 328.589.0831


La Farmacia, Pizza Roma 13 Dott. Nicola Perone and his daughter Dotteressa Assunta Perone have a full service pharmacy.  Tina speaks English and is incredibly helpful.  +39 082.485.2051

La Torre Mini Market is located on Piazza Roma and can provide the weary traveler with a the makings of an exceptional sandwich and refill one’s larder with the staples you need to keep on cooking, washing dishes and doing laundry.  This is their FaceBook link. +39 347 234 4328

Amalfi Car Experience is owner operated and we have heard great things from the guests who used them,  Anthony Anastasio will transport people here from their Amalfi Coast hotels. +39 339.418.5056

Italian Limousine Driver is a company that reached out to me after checking out this blog.  They transport from the airports and will do tourism visits to sites in Campania.  I haven’t used them yet but since they read the blog they get a star.

2 thoughts on “Visit Pontelandolfo

  1. Pontelandolfo is the home of my husband.
    I have had the honor of visiting this village 4 times for a month each time in one years time.

    It’s a beautiful village..The people who live there are friendly and welcoming. It’s a small village with a very beautiful connection these individuals share. I look forward to stopping at the establishments again soon and embracing the warmth this little village has to offer again


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