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Bar Elimar on Piazza Roma is my “writer’s room.”

There is something about Pontelandolfo that brings out my creativity. My fingers seem to want to stay attached to the keyboard – as long as they can also sip a Prosecco or cappuccino! Enjoy some of my other writing.

Email: 9/12

During one of the most horrific tragedies our nation has ever faced, our keyboards kept us connected.  Email: 9/12, published by Next Stage Press, demonstrates how sharing, grieving and even allowing a spark of humor to fly through cyberspace helped America get through the painful aftermath of 9/11. Great for book clubs, history classes and of course theatres.

Cars, Castles, Cows & Chaos

Stay tuned for my collection of short stories featuring riffs on explorations of Italy. A fun read that is part memoir, part travel guide and part daily Italian life. Soon to be published by Read Furiously.

What’s Next?

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