I Gesti Italiani!

Take 12 italo-americani.  Seat them in a circle.  Bring in a teacher who really should be an actress. Make everyone’s hands leap, writhe, point, wring and finally clap.  That is exactly what Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera – the best Italian Language school I’ve found – had a group of us doing.

This past October, Nonna’s Mulberry Tree, offered its first excursion – to Alghero Sardegna to study at Pintadera.

The 2016 trip to Pintadera is October 1 – 15!  Leave a comment if you’re interested.

We studied Italian language every day for ten days and spent our afternoons doing fun stuff.  Like taking a class with Roberta on Italian hand gestures.  It was a hoot.  You really don’t want to read about it.  You want to see it.


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