Some things you don’t take photos of. They are too real and hit a visceral button that brings on roll after roll of images.

This Tiny old brown and black birdlike woman with legs as thin as twigs was prancing down the promenade. her arms swinging, the flower print scarf hiding her hair. Balancing on her head – no a part of her – was a white plastic bag of groceries.

I cry. It has been years since my grandmother walked into her house from the yard with a basket of clothes on her head. Thats whose face I saw – Grandma – my nonna – the rock of my childhood.

Why today? What makes today different? Is it because we are leaving Pontelandolfo tomorrow?

The women were total opposites. This woman was tiny, thin and probably only 15 years older than I. The only thing she had in common with my grandma was the ability to balance.

Balance – how does one balance living half a year in one world and half in another?  Tomorrow morning, October 28, we will be heading back to the USA. The six months in Italy flew by.  I am so grounded here that I hate to leave.  This morning I made the rounds saying “Ci vediamo aprile” to so many people.  They all ask the same question – why do you leave?  I don’t really have a good answer.

Balance – I must remain connected to both worlds – no matter where I sleep that night.

Ci vediamo.

8 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Missing grandma Rose…. Remembering her garlic scented apron subtly painted with dandilion stains. She was the poster child for balance…unconditional love was her middle name! Imagine the gift of straddling her native country and yours…such a privilege. Eat, Pray and Love your heart out Elizabeth Gilbert…Sis has it all over you!

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  2. Midge, This is another well written and thoughtful piece, so real that one can relate to it and wrap my arms around it from far away. Georjean often says that the “the good times make the hard times bearable, and the hard times make the good times even better”. I am confident that you have made an impact on Pontelandolfo, and it has touched you deeply as well. You will go back, and you will bring home a piece of it with you to share. Thanks for these marvelous pieces. I am proud of you!

    Ed Hartfield

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  3. Dear Midge,
    It was wonderful to meet you on October 27th when we visited Pontelandolfo. Even though we were only able to visit the area for 1short day, I felt an immediate draw to a place I’ve only heard about through my Dad. A sense of family, history, peace and serenity filled me with the overwhelming feeling of not wanting to leave. If it can do that in 1 short day, I can only imagine what 6 months would do. Thank you for your link to a world only few of us get to know. I anxiously wait for a time when I can return …
    Mille Grazie,
    Mary (Perugini) Johnson


    1. Mary,
      We are working on a trip to Pontelandolfo for folks who like cooking. “Cooks in the House.” Women who cook well will be teaching classes in their homes for five days. Keep following the blog for more information. Thanks for being a reader.


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