Some S.O.B. Hit Me!!!!!

My arm still hurts and it has been hours since I was hit by an asshole on the very safe, clean streets of our apartment’s zone.  E*&^&^%$%%^^&@$!!  Damn it – so mad.  Taking a calming breath I remember that the day had been wonderful before I encountered mister wacker.  Let us explore the magic and beauty that is Milano.

We didn’t set off until almost noon and our first stop was the neighborhood il forno.  The bakery also served caffè and we needed it – lots of it.  What surprised me – since I was expecting Manhattan prices – was that two cornetti and caffè only cost me €3.80.  My tired Italian must be rusty – when I said “due cornetti e due caffè” the cute teenager behind the counter asked me in English if I meant American coffee.  GRRRRRR.  I got over it when the strawberry marmellata in the cornetto dribbled on my chin.

The entrance to the metro was clean and I could breathe.  I say that because my asthma keeps me off New York City’s smelly subways.  Tickets within the city are €1.50 per 90 minutes of riding and changing.  We were in the center of Milan at the famous Duomo in about 15 minutes.


 Exiting we saw the spires of the cathedral touching the clouds and heard this – (HIT THE LINK!)

It took almost six centuries to build this gothic beauty. I’m glad its finished and those great break dancing boys could please the crowds and the Duomo’s patron – St Mary of the Nativity.

What?  It is only May and there are oodles of tourist groups cramming the Piazza del Duomo.  Follow me flags were blowing in the breeze and tightly packed groups of Asian tourists were in formation.  Yellow capped groups, blue capped groups, school color t-shirt wearing groups of students added to the chaos.  OK, we ain’t standing in the Disney Land length line to buy tickets to enter the magnificent edifice.  Perhaps January is a better time to see the Duomo.

We meandered the clean streets away from the crowds.  The Milanese are well dressed, polite and urbane. I have no idea what section of the city’s center we were exploring but it was architecturally interesting.  After a €10 each lunch – in a little joint filled with locals – we decided to walk back to the Duomo and the metro.  Back at our corner of the city we decided to look for a marcelleria and strolled down a wide avenue. That is when it happened! %$#!!!

A Haight Asbury, dreadlocks sporting, filthy throwback was walking towards us.  Lilting and tilting and sending out noxious fumes.  I’ve lived in cities and not much scares me.  I looked at this ill, stoned or simply sad excuse for a human and moved over.  He picked up his pace, got right up next to me and lashed  his over coated arm out. Whap – what the *&%!  I swear a stick was in the sleeve of that coat because no one has a femur strong enough to raise a lump on my arm.  Being a calm and pathetically introverted little thing I promptly turned and screamed at him.  He kept on lilting and tilting down the street.  I guess it could have been worse.  I could have swung my purse at him and knocked him out.

Time to hit the local bar.  Livarghi Bar was a cute little joint.  A Compari soda only cost me €2.50 and Jack’s wine €1.50 – no tourist prices in our neighborhood.  What shall we do tomorrow??  Whatever we do it will be magical and beautiful!

3 thoughts on “Some S.O.B. Hit Me!!!!!

  1. Wow! Scary…glad it was not worse. Enjoy Milan…it sounds wonderful. hope to make it there some day.


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