La Dolce Vita – The Tour!!!!!!

Mi Chiamo Magherita Anna Guerrera

Dad's head shot for a State Senate Run.
Dad’s head shot for a State Senate Run.

  Go Slide 1 –  John Guerrera

La figlia di Giovanni Francesco Guerrera e Margaret Foretek


 Go Slide 2 – Nonna & Nonno

La nipote di Francesco Guerrera e Maria Rosaria Solla


Go Slide 3 – Salvatore’s Remains

La pronipote di Salvatore Guerrera e Caterina Guerrera – Don’t give me that look  – it’s a small village.

Midge cutesy

Go Slide 3 – Midge

But hey – call me Midge – I’m a Jersey Girl and an ex-Pat – one of those gypsies who spend part of the year – ex – out of  the – patria – fatherland. Or as my pal Madame Lawrence and I like to say – the mother country.  My husband, Jack and I spend a good part of every year in Italy – living

Ponte from Rose's house

Slide 4 – Pontelandolfo

La Dolce Vita! The Sweet Life!

Belle Viste, glorious foods, incredible wines – every baby boomer’s fantasy – the standing ovation of second acts – just thinking about it makes my heart go pitter patter – or is that agida? Rats – that’s dialect – acido – the more I study Italian the less I know – pain in my acido.


 Go Slide 5 – Villa

Midge, get back to the story – yeah – where were we – oh yeah our 6 months in Italy – this year we unpacked our bags in our great house – that’s not it.

Restored Stone Italian Home
Restored Stone Italian Home

Go Slide 5 – House 

Still ain’t too shabby – living here for 6 months and closing up the New Jersey money pit – I still had cash left over at the end of each month. How could that be? Reasonable – not NJ – rent  – 3 bedrooms – 3 bathrooms – utilities included and all the produce we can eat.  And a landlord we absolutely adore – coupled with extended family we love to pieces.  Sigh – perfetto!


Go Slide 6 – Historic Village

Here’s our little village – Pontelandolfo – provincia di Benevento – regione di Campania. My family left in the early 1900’s – why? They were starving – no jobs – war ravaged land…

La Dolce vita!        Wait, wait here it comes –

Go SFX 1: Boom – Crash – Clang

That other shoe –   After two days – we’re told my husband was a clandestino – illegal immigrant – deport his ass criminale!

Congratulations!  You just made it through the opening few moments of my new one woman show – “La Dolce Vita – or Is It?”  Thanks to Marie Di Stefano Miller and the Westlake Italian American Club I was able to present my – gulp – very first performance of the show to about 100 members of the club.   Is it terrible of me to admit I freaking loved every second of it!?  I loved sitting in the dressing room – yeah this place was classy with a real stage with dressing room – anyway I loved the butterflies in my stomach and my visualization of a successful show to calm my nerves.  I loved putting on that dash more of extra make up and high heels – uncomfortable as hell but I planned on not using the stage but walking throughout the house and I’m short.  

Westlake 1

That’s me – the short thing in front.

I loved the smile on my cute husband’s face as he watched me perform – instead of watching the slide monitor.  

Jack Westlake

Cute Techy!

I loved the check.  I gotta say I just love all of it.  Seems the audience loved it too – well almost – there always seems to be another shoe in my life.

Dear Midge,

I want to thank you very much for the well developed program you presented last night.  You are a superb presenter. Its progression was right in stride, and you enabled everyone to identify with the various scenarios.  Well done.

Many are still talking about how much they appreciated and enjoyed the program. 

Until the Other Shoe – Bang, Boom

My bizarro antics held the audience until I winged – not my shoe – worse – a plastic table flag holder at two women who must have not seen each other for at least 3 minutes and had a lot of catching up to do – cause they talked frantically for the entire hour – never coming up for air.  What the hell is wrong with me – 98 people were absolutely focused on me – clever me – funny me – and I go off and wing a frisbee at two chiacchierone.  The audience was shocked! I made a joke of it – talked about being a “Jersey Girl” – but lesson learned!  DIVA BEHAVIOR IS VERY BAD!!!  Thanks Marie for not calling social faux pas police.  Marie’s letter continues –

Again thank you for sharing your exploits with reliving the Italian pathways that lead to the US.  Interesting that on both sides of my family I have a grandfather and great grandfather who had two wives.

Marie Di Stefano Miller

Thank you Marie for the kind words and the opportunity.

You too can see the show – just have your club give me a holler!  Yes this a blatant self promotion plug. Need cash to maintain La Dolce Vita.

(I promise not to wing the flag holder at anyone in your audience – maybe candy kisses – now that is an audience control idea – pocket full of kisses.)

Taking Nonna’s Mulberry Tree on the Road

Midge cutesy

Headshot Waiting to be Hung in Your Lobby!

You knew it had to happen!  How could the actress in me just sit at a computer and write the tales of an Italian village?  When would I explode and start shouting the tales from the hilltops – or better yet as a one women show wherever anyone will have me. (And pay me of course!  This living on a fixed income stuff ain’t what it’s cracked up to be.)   The kick in my lazy butt to work on a show came from the Westlake Italian American Club.  Marie M, one of  the faithful Nonna’s Mulberry Tree subscribers reached out to me and asked if I would do a presentation at Westlake.  She knew of my theater background and thought that I would be a funny, entertaining and informative presenter.  I mean, of course she is right.  Gulp – I have a gig this January – now I need a show!

I quickly e-mailed back and said the title of my show was:

Il Dolce Fa Niente – The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

The BS  – oops – PR blurb I wrote was:

How does a type A personality manage to assimilate into the life of a small Italian mountain village? By taking a gulp and repeating daily, “it is OK to do nothing”.  It is expected that one naps every afternoon.  The evening meandering passeggiata through the piazza is for meeting and greeting not power-walking. I’ll share the stories of how a “Jersey Girl” manages to live in Pontelandolfo, explore her roots and ultimately learn, “Il Dolce Fa Niente”.

Pretty general blurb – I can pretty well talk about anything.  Now, here is where I need your help.  What would an audience really like to hear about?  Take the short poll to help me pick out topics.  Or better yet – leave a comment about what posts resonated with you, made you laugh, cry or curse.  Tell me what you’d like to know!

Grazie Tante!