❤️❤️Marilina e Elio’s Festa❤️❤️

    💕Elio and Marilina – Auguri!💕

Music, not fruits and vegetables, filled the Pontelandolfo covered outdoor market. Bar Elimar’s Marilina and Elio are getting married!  They invited customers, family and Pontelandolfo pals to help them pre-celebrate. Disco lights, a band, tables, chairs, enough food to fill millions, and friendly faces transformed the market into the hottest club in town and made this one night to remember.

Words can’t capture the sounds of the night. The band played everything from traditional Italian to Latin to rock-and-roll. The father of the groom sang. The aunt of the groom sang. Local guys leapt up to the stage and sang. And all the voices were welcomed with cheers from the crowd. 

Everyone was dancing from toddlers to octogenarians. That’s one of the things I love about village life.  Everyone participated. Even I got up and gave it a shake or three. 


💞💞 Thank you, Marilina for inviting us. 💞💞