Vineria SanGiovanni a Milano!

Yummy for my tummy – maybe not for my wallet – but worth it!  ( We spent €83 which compared to New York City or even Princeton, NJ isn’t so bad – and remember in Italy you don’t tip.)

For the past couple of years we have landed in Milan and enjoyed 3 days of the urban experience before heading for the hills of Campania. Why?  So that I can walk city streets, smell city air and taste the food of great restaurants that are a subway ride or few block walk away from where we are staying.  This trip we are staying at a sweet albergo – 3 stars – Il Girasole – just a few metropolitan stops away from Milan’s historic center.  That means we get to try neighborhood – not tourist – restaurants.

Our hotel host, Matteo, suggested Vineria San Giovanni located on Via Le Monza 256.  I didn’t bother to check out Vineria San Giovanni (the link goes to their Facebook page). Vineria means winery, so we didn’t know what to expect – was this a cantina where we could fill a five liter jug from a gas like pump?  He said the menu was small but good.  So trusting,  we  just walked the five blocks from the hotel not knowing what to expect and entered a wine and foodie heaven.


Jack is surrounded by Italian wine – a happy camper!

We shared a sliced meat platter – Tagliere Vecchia Umbria – that had thin slices of the most scrumptious prosciutto, salami and I can’t remember – but it was great.  Under the advice of our doctor – we have both sworn off wheat – no bread.  These thin meaty slices just tantalized my tastebuds and didn’t require anything else. (€10)

For our main courses we both had exceptional beef.  Jack’s Filetto di Manzo was surrounded by these sweet and succulent onions.  It was perfectly medium rare.  I tasted the onions and thought  – honey is the secret ingredient.  I was right. (€22)


I had Tagliata di Manzo – a beautifully sliced cut of beef oozing red.  AHHHH! It was perched on a bed of arugula and surrounded by parmesan shavings.  YUUUUMMMMM! (€20)

Everyone is wondering about the wine.  Don’t raise your eyebrows – I know you are. It was after all Vineria San Giovanni!  We had a Tuscan blend of merlot and rats – neither of us can remember!  But here is the label.


For €18 we thought it was a New York bargain.

The price point was less than a New York City restaurant and the food was amazing.  Oh, I forgot – espresso was only €1.

If you find yourself in Milano on business or just exploring Italy give Vineria San Giovanni a try.!

Ci vediamo a dopo!