When in Rome – Eat as the… The Sushi Quest

Drat that avid blog reader, Kathy Hall!  She asked me the living abroad question of all questions.  How do avowed foodies living in a country with such a great cooking tradition  satisfy their palate’s need  for diversity. Didn’t I miss Jamaican food, Thai food, French Food, Mexican Food, Ethiopian Food, SUSHI!!

Images of sushi flutter through my mind.

Damn, now all I think about is Sakura Sushi in Hillsborough NJ – home of the best Sushi in the tri-state area – I know it’s the best because I sample sushi everywhere.  Time to be proactive and stop just dreaming about Rainbow Caviar Roll, yellowtail pieces, raw fresh scallops, spicy tuna…  I googled Sushi in Campania.  Whoa – there are a bunch of sushi joints in Naples.  Rats – driving in and out of Naples is a harrowing experience.  What to do – oh, down on the bottom of the list was a place called Sosushi in Avellino.  I googled it –  a franchise with 30 restaurants through out Italy.  Mc Donald’s of sushi?  H’mmm – stop procrastinating.  Avellino  – we have never been to Avellino and it’s only about 45 minutes away.  Let’s go!  And with that the Sushi Quest began.