Love the European Adventure? Follow My Ex-Pat Pal in the Netherlands


George Hansel & Tracey Paleo in NY Production of my Pay "Annarita."
George Hansel & Tracey Paleo in NY Production of my play “Annarita.”

My friend George Hansel is the second of my Asbury Park pals to become an Ex-Pat.  Maybe it was all that sea air that got us to looking beyond the Atlantic Ocean.  George married  EB, the Dutch love of his life, and moved to the Netherlands.  His journey is full of love and the quirks of being the new boy in a very old city.  I follow his blog and when I read this story – a history of one of EB’s elders – I felt I had to share it.  We all have someone in our lives who has helped shape us into who we are today.  Willy is one of the folks who has had an impact on EB. Read George’s blog about Willy.  While your at it, why not look at some of his earlier posts and subscribe.  Yeah, you got that right, for years George and I have had a mutual admiration society.  He took dramatic chances by producing some of my plays and asking me to direct for his company. It was a joy to see him act in my play Annarita. I love George and know that if you read his work  you will too.