Dov’ è Pontelandolfo?

Non lo so. I don’t know.  Perchè?  Why?


Can You Read This Sign? – This is Why!!!

Tourists – whether they are Italian or from abroad – will have a hard time finding our village because the street signage is terrible.  The Province of Benevento and the Region of Campania apparently doesn’t give a tinker’s damn if the road signs are bent, twisted, painted over or if the weeds grow so high around them that they are invisible.  This confuses me greatly.  We drive all over Italy and I’ve noticed that in the North – oh no here she goes with that North versus South disparity again – the signs seem to look like signs. Not like twisted pieces of art created by first year sculpture students.

We need the signs fixed!  At the end of the month there is an international folk festival in our village and I want outsiders to find us!  Currently, I am researching just who in the Province has the responsibility for the signs.  I am looking forward to sending that person the following video.  If someone out there knows who the right person is to lobby for better signs – PLEASE LET ME KNOW!  Feel free to send a copy of the video yourself.


PS – If the signs don’t get fixed you can always follow the brown and yellow signs to our Great Pub – Landulphi.  The owners made sure you could find our village.


3 thoughts on “Dov’ è Pontelandolfo?

  1. The beauty of Pontelandolfo is that it is untouched. It brings you back in time … where you can imagine your ancestors walking through town. A big part of me wants it to stay that way. Along with tourists come all the trappings that would destroy the serenity and beauty that is still intact. For me, I wouldn’t want to see a change, I love it just as it is.

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  2. Very funny, I remember well how screwed up the signs were. We had a devil of a time finding you. But when we did it was magical.


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