Donation Avenues and Earthquake Thoughts 

Donation Avenues –

No time today for courtesy. I’m going right to the “ask” – reach into your wallet and give what your heart tells you is right, in what ever method you choose to help the victims of the Central Italy, August 24th earthquake that destroyed complete villages, killed 290 people and left thousands living in tent communities.

1. This Sunday, September 3rd, entrance fees from public museums across Italy will be dedicated to rebuilding the earthquake stricken zone.  This is incredibly fitting since many churches and irreplaceable medieval buildings were decimated by the 6.2 magnitude earthquake.

2. Elizabeth Minchilli shared this information on her blog Elizabeth Mincilli in Rome:

Many have asked me on social media how they can help. For now the best way to help from afar is to donate to the Italian Red Cross.

The Croce Rossa Italiana has set up a special account.
The IBAN number is:



Beneficiary: Associazione italiana della Croce Rossa

In the description write: Terremoto Centro Italia

You can also make a donation to the Croce Rosso with your credit card or paypal by going to their website.

3. The National Italian American Foundation and their partners in the Italo-Americano community have set up another fundraising vehicle.  You can donate and research them by clicking here.

4. Do your own research to unearth other methods of giving.  Give.  Then share those avenues with us.


Earthquake Thoughts –

At about 3:30 AM last Wednesday, an earthquake devastated towns in Lazio, Umbria and Marche.  Now, 290 people are dead. One moment before they were sleeping and a second later they were dead.  After the earthquake, just like after 9/11 – when the twin towers fell – many people used the internet to reach out to their loved ones.  Not feeling a rumble or hearing a sound during the night, I didn’t understand why Thursday morning I had close to 100 FaceBook messages, texts or e-mails.  That is how I learned about the tragedy, from all of you in a different time zones who reached into my heart asking if Jack and I were OK.  I promptly turned on the television and followed the horror.  I cried.  I cried for the terror those people in the earthquake zone were going through and I cried because so many people cared enough about us to reach out.  The similarity to my experience during 9/11 resonated within my soul.  Different tragedy.  Different country.  Same internet connection.

Life is short. Live it without regrets.

Ci vediamo.

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