Wind Closes the Market?? Nah!

Here in Pontelandlofo, Wednesday is market day. The trucks parade in and transform Piazza Roma into a Centro Commerciale.  People come into town to buy everything from soap,shoes, clothes to baby chickens.  When I got up, I yelled down the stairs to Jack  – are you ready to go?  The wnd was whistling and I remembered those hot summer days and how great that forceful breeze felt.  Then I bellowed, there is laundry in the washing machine.  (I had put a load of towels in last night.)  Jack,if you’re ready please hang the towels up, outside. 

 I love the smell of air dried clothes.  It is one of the perks of not having a drier.

Jack came back in red faced and said the towels will be dry in about ten minutes if the wind doesn’t take them to London.  Then he said, it is too windy – there won’t be a market.  Psshaw, I thought. Pontelandlofese are mountain people.  What’s a little wind.  I shoved Jack back out the door.

When we got outside the wind grabbed my hair and whisked my head around – think horror movie rotating head.  Ouch.  It tossed me towards the car.  Jack said, “there won’t be a market.” Not be a market, I screamed over the wind.  These venders are tough and I have to buy Zia Giusipinna a sweater for her birthday. Jack sighed and drove us down to the piazza.

I see the trucks! I shouted.  Jack pointed out that the owners were still in the trucks and nothing was out to be sold.  There were lots of cars so people are here. Oh, they are sitting in their cars too.

Jack parked and I dashed up to Dr. Polumbo’s office to try to get rid of my evil sounding cough.  When I came back down I saw that the market –  

shoot I can’t lie.  Out of the twenty or so normal trucks full of stuff about three braved the wind. They partially set up.  

Sadly, no one was walking around, chatting, haggling or buying.  Sigh…..  Ain’t living in a Windy City grand!  

Welcome to the Province of Benevento!

Ci vediamo!

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