In 2016 Learn to Speak Italian

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October 1 – 15, 2016

Love the school. Could I win the lottery and stay here?

Alghero, Sardinia

Gulp – who knew that the first Nonna’s Mulberry Tree Travel Event would have been such a success! Our 2015 journey to Alghero, Sardinia was a huge hit! We partnered with an incredible language school – Centro Meditterraneo Pintadera.

Thirteen independent travelers improved their Italian Language Skills, immersed themselves in Italian Culture, lived like a local, shopped the market and strolled Alghero’s sea wall.

It is time to register for our 2016 excursion back to this charming island. Pintadera really provides incredible “bang for the buck” – or in this case Euro. The trip is limited to 15 adventurers. Ten days of classes, cultural activities, welcoming gathering, welcoming dinner and concierge services costs €680. Registration fee is $50. Housing prices are based on your accommodations and range between €400 – €800 for the two weeks.

That means for less than €1500 you can spend two weeks in Alghero, take ten – three hour classes (lessons from 9 to 1pm with coffee break, so four hours – total 40hours of language classes in two weeks) and have a wickedly great time! For the complete packet of information – leave me a comment!

Here is what 2015 adventurer Aileen Mroz had to say:

This is the second time I have attended a 2-week class at Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera, and it was even better than the first time I went.

One of the best features is that classes are small, typically 4 to 6 people.    The teachers are personable and are from Alghero, yet their Italian is the best and of the highest level.  They ensure that each person participates fully during class, yet you don’t feel pressured.   There is a perfect blend of conversation, grammar, and reading.   The instructors adjust the topics for the classes on a dime toward whatever problem areas they notice the class is experiencing (e.g. prepositions, the subjunctive, pronouns), so that you get an extra boost of practice in those areas.   Although parts of learning a language can be very dry, there is no chance of that in Pintadera because the teachers incorporate local stories and much humor during class.    I laughed so much during class at Pintadera that my stomach would ache, and I could just feel my endorphin levels spiking!  (Check out Jack laughing while learning.)

alghero 9At midmorning every day, you go to a nearby café for a break with all the students in the school.   You get a chance to sample the wonderful espresso, have a delicious pastry, or just sip a Diet Coke while you’re chatting.   I think you learn just as much, if not more, from the breaks as from the classes. Your fellow students may be from the U.S., or Germany, or Sri Lanka, or Norway, or Switzerland; and you see them every day in class and on break, and maybe for a meal or a trip to the beach.    You get to hear, first hand, what folks from other countries think about the US, get their points of view on the international situation, listen to funny stories and interesting customs; and find out the inside political scoop in other countries.

The directors of the school, Nicola and Angela, go the extra distance to make you feel taken care of.   They arrange for your transportation to and from the airport;  to find picturesque, comfortable apartments or rooms to in which to live while you’re at the school;  to introduce students to the local cuisine and wines;  to organize side trips or outings which suit each person’s wishes—-whether it’s a hike;  a boat trip on the ocean to Neptune’s Grotto with the tang of adventure when you step across a narrow gangplank from a heaving mini-ferry into a sea cave with caverns the size of a football field; or a chug around Alghero in a little brightly colored open train and a local narrator with funny stories.

Ken Kowalski added: The consistency of the high quality teaching and the expertly organized series of lessons over the two weeks, developed my abilities to listen to, understand, and speak the Italian language well beyond what happens in once-a-week classes at home. Add to that the reinforcement of speaking Italian with classmates after school and in shops and eateries around Alghero made this a powerful learning experience.

Raymond Barbieri touched me deeply with this comment:  The experience put me back in touch with my ancestry and I appreciated my family more than ever. I realized how much Italian I knew and how much more I needed to learn, which makes me feel excited. There is so much more I can tell you but I will close by saying that I never felt more at home in a foreign place. Thank you for your experience, drive, love of our Italian history and your good nature.

2016 is your year to enhance your Italian with a trip to Centro Mediterreano Pintadera! Let me know today!

3 thoughts on “In 2016 Learn to Speak Italian

  1. The two weeks with Midge’s group last October were wonderful. We met interesting people who showed curiosity and appreciation of Italian and Sardian culture. We all look forward to welcoming another group this year! grazie Midge!!

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    1. Can you send more details? How challenging is the walking.My husband can certainly walk around but is there much climbing other than steps. This sounds absolutely marvelous.


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