I Fratelli Sforza – A Restaurant Force

When I want to be an “uptown girl” complete with groovy clothes and bling, I head to  my favorite place to sip a Jack Daniels – Landulphi Pub – owned and operated by i fratelli Sforza.  Don’t let the word Pub confuse you – as it did me – Giovanni and Giuseppe Sforza have created a delectable restaurant/bar. The Sforza brothers – including brother Mario- are an entrepreneurial force to reckon  with.  When they do something they take the time, creativity and energy to do it right.

                    Giuseppe Takes our Orders and Giovanni Cooks

In 2008,the brothers procured the secret chambers below Pontelandolfo’s 14th century castle and riffing on the medieval history of the space developed a gathering place that would rival an upscale Manhatten or Roman eatery.  The first time I went, I felt like I had been tossed back in time.  Ancient stone walls, dark wood, medieval weapons and staff sporting medieval garb set the tone.   The menus are in Latin. Words like “phascolus” and “vitulus” guide you into a historic world of                                                            interesting food that is based on traditional country fare.  Don’t panic, after the Latin headings the descriptions are in Italian.  OK – panic.


Luigi Silvestri — Bartender Extraordinaire

The word “pub” alerts you to the six pages of beers!  You heard me – beer. (I must admit that Jack gets snarky because they don’t sell wine. Though now he is drinking Leffe Rossastro from Belgium.) The beers are all interesting and really do go with the food.  Landulphi also has a full bar – so my cousin Maryellen could have her gin and tonic.  Actually, we bring all our guests and they always want to go back.

I like i fratelli Sforza because they are astute marketers.  When we have out of town visitors, I don’t tell them to look for the Pontelandolfo street  signs but to follow the brown and yellow Landulphi signs.  These slick signs guide you into town from every direction.  The Sforza’s created great promotional material and Landulphi is listed in every conceivable guide. The website is slick – when you click here make sure to visit Il Locale and L’Hortus to see great shots of the interior.  Landulphi Web-site

The last time I was there  I ate the scrumptous Sorbitio Leguminum – a hearty bean and grain soup. Jack had Panis Hestermis, a warm salad with rape, sausage and tomatoes. We’ve tasted almost the whole menu at one time or another and like it because you can have some thing heavy or light.  We always order a bowl of green olives to nibble on while we wait.  They are perfect and we must find out where they get them.

I could blather on and on about the yummy fare  – I won’t because you need to taste it yourself . Next time you are in the Campania region head for Ladulphi.  You’ll be glad you did.

Ci vediamo a presto.

5 thoughts on “I Fratelli Sforza – A Restaurant Force

  1. Sounds delightful. I miss rape, I haven’t been able to find it here in Holland. I found organic turnip greens but no rapini. It isn’t easy to find spaghetti squash either yet lots of romanesco.

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  2. Cugino, I don’t know what Sal was talking about, this sounds like the bar behind the fountain and under the tower? It even has a picture of a Guiseppe?? We need to check this out … lunch anyone!!! Ciao, Cugina Maria >

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  3. Problem solved for accessing your blog. For some reason the link I was clicking (on the bottom of your signature) had the site as “nonnasamulberrytree” . today I can access it fine by clicking “read more of this post” not sure why it didn’t work yesterday. Ah the internet. Sounds like a great place. Glad Jack has discovered that some beers are as complex as wine (and can even be drink in a wine glass to capture the bouquet.)


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