August and the Amalfi Coast Road – Hell 

NOOOOOO, I screamed as we rounded a tight curve and a gaggle of tourists on motor scooters aimed right at us.  Clutching the grab bar above the door, I pleaded with Jack to slow down.  “I’m in first gear,” he said through gritted teeth.

The road we were on is famous for its S curves, beautful view of the Mediterranean and instant death if  your car careens off the edge a million feet above the sea.  It is August – tourists from everywhere love the coast.


Millions converge on those idyllic towns that make up what we all think of as the Amalfi Coast.  Love the crush of umbrellas and bronzed bodies.  Watch where you walk.  Eyes back on the road.  Too many cars on a long and windy road. LOOK OUT!  Notice the height of the guard rail. Notice the dents in the rocky mountain wall.

I hated every bloody minute we wended our way from Salerno to Amalfi.  I hate heights – roads closer to the clouds then earth – roads made for donkeys not cars. It was only to help Alanna, the daughter of our dear friends Jeff and Sue Jamieson, find her Italian roots that I would drive on this *&^%&%&& highway.  Did I say “hate”?  That isn’t a strong enough word to describe how I feel about the Amalfi Highway. Sue owes me a bottle of single malt scotch. I almost lost an arm against the mountain wall snapping a picture of her cognome.


When we landed in Amalfi – I do mean landed – I kissed the ground. Oh shit, there is no other way back to the highway but through Salerno.  After searching for Alanna’s Cavaliere ancestors we had to go back on the same narrow death defying road.  Have I mentioned the trucks and buses that get stuck and how a line of cars had to back up?

Have I mentioned the assholes on scooters who weave in and out. Have I mentioned how much I hate this road?

Travel recommendation – stay away in August !

Amalfi Coast – Bella vista!  Buy the postcard or go in January.

Ci vediamo!

6 thoughts on “August and the Amalfi Coast Road – Hell 

  1. I have to join you in my hatred for motor scooters. When we were in Indonesia they were like a parasitic amoeba moving recklessly around anything in their way. Here in Holland they allow scooters in the bike lanes and for a novice cyclist they are truly a hazard. Especially the electric ones that you can’t hear until they zoom past you.


  2. Freakin’ hilarious. You were a champ! Thank you for risking your life for me. And it made for a laugh-out-loud blog post!


  3. I agree, Midge…..A million times more terrifying than the most treacherous roller coaster! We just closed our eyes and prayed for a miracle on those roads….

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