Just Another Thursday in Casalduni!


One of the questions I get most often is, “Midge but what do you do in a small mountain town?”  Often we head down the hill to Casalduni, a neighboring village. Since the brilliant and progressive mayor, Pasquale Iacovella, is a relative we’re kept in the Casalduni festa loop. 

This particular Thursday we celebrate Saint Rita, the maker of miracles. Tonight is the vigil. People will be in church most of the night. The formal Saint’s Day procession is on Friday .

Music rained over the piazza. Old fashioned rock and roll – a great equalizer – had me embarrassing Jack with my bopping down the street. 

What’s a festa without food. The trucks sold porchetta, candy, panini and more. Muso di Vitello – snout of veal – is served with fresh lemon. There was a line!

The kids enjoy the festa the most. This was a school night and children unencumbered by mommy’s hand raced through the streets in little packs. Kids in Italy don’t go to bed at 7 o’clock or even 8 o’clock on a school night they’re not asleep before 10 or 11. I think that this is the early training that they get to be able to live La Dolce Vita. Th small park full of rides that scared the begeesus out of me was an instant draw for the elementary school set. 

We got home at midnight. Yawn. I need to get back in training for the late night happenings of small mountain towns. It was just another Thursday…

This post was written on the WordPress iPhone application. I’m not sure how it will read on a regular computer. So let me know if this fast and easy format for instant reporting works.

One thought on “Just Another Thursday in Casalduni!

  1. It sounds like a wonderful, just another night, in the village. The pics are great. Everything came through well on my Mac. You need to get out more…and take us with you.


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