Ostuni – Dazzling – From AFAR!

Driving through Puglia with the atlas on my lap, I saw that Ostuni was just a short hop off the highway.  It was time for pranza so I convinced Jack to leave the highway and head for the town billed as “The White City”.  I had read that contrasted with the blue of the sea Ostuni’s whiteness dazzles the senses.  At this point we are starving and looking forward to a sea view restaurant perched on the hill.


“PULL OVER” I Shouted.  “It’s Magical!”

From the bottom of the hill Ostuni is indeed glittering white and wonderful to see –  postcard perfect.  “Here it comes,” you’re thinking, “she is going to hit us with something not so nice.”  You my faithful subscribers are brilliant and creative.  Of course one cannot judge a book by it’s cover or a town by a view from afar.  As Jack cursed Ostuni’s narrower than narrow streets and I stuck my head out the window looking for a restaurant, I heard a small child whisper in my ear. “Momma, can’t we paint our house red?”  No kid you can’t.  Cause this is the White City and the tourists would be pissed.  All that white on white on white was BORING.


Off-white Works Too.

The only splashes of color in the town came from bright laundry fluttering in the breeze.  I wonder if all that white makes people sterile?  Suddenly, Jack – still searching the city for a restaurant – slammed on the brakes.  I looked up and saw that the the teeny tiny street was blocked by a car driven by a young woman.  She was obviously waiting for someone – I’m thinking her nonna or an invalid.


 I say that dripping with sarcasm because we waited a good 5 minutes – never honking the horn – cause we’re nice.

Suddenly, a door popped open and a sweet young bimbo dashed out – her skirt so short I couldn’t figure out how she could sit without – well never mind.  She waved a thanks to us and hopped in the car.  UGGGGGG  now I’m really not liking this town.

We couldn’t find a place to eat.  We couldn’t find a place to park.  We were becoming color-blind.  The whiteness of it all was – well – just too white.  We left and decided to take our chances with a tourist eatery on the gray highway.

4 thoughts on “Ostuni – Dazzling – From AFAR!

  1. Sounds like the typical south Florida development, where it’s mandated that all houses MUST be painted white. BORING! So where did you finally eat?


  2. Hmmm I would have thought it would make a spectacular backdrop for red geraniums and other colorful potted plants and greenery trailing from the balconies and look very Mediterranean, just washing???? Shame, how unromantic of the Italians!


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