Architect Meets Miss Mozzarella

Architect Lawrence Tarantino loves to design beautiful things.  He and his wife Sharon, a designer  and project manager,  visit Italy often to immerse themselves in the sights, sounds and food of our Bel Paese.   After reading my blog on the Ms Monde competition, Sharon didn’t jot down a comment to share but sent me some pictures that are a riff on that blog. The fun loving duo were in Bologna and discovered a food fair.  Being italo-americani foodies they of course went.  The first thing they saw were some real Italian beauties-

Ms Italy

Lawrence and Miss Italia


Ms Mozz

Lawrence and Miss Mozzarella

Find out more about the Tarantinos at –

This interesting couple bought, restored lovingly and lived in a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Millstone, NJ.  They recently sold the house, which was moved and being preserved.  Check this story out –

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3 thoughts on “Architect Meets Miss Mozzarella

  1. JoanLip Lipman

    Midgie, you have a talent for attracting the most incredible people!

  2. I have a very vague memory of that house that is lost in the back of my mind somewhere. Where was it in Millstone? Of course, I’ve been away for 9 years, so even my general memories of the area are fading! Creeping senility?

  3. Is there a Ms Romano Pecorino? I bet she’s sharp and rich.

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