Genealogy Hints

A while back I posted a story about Rich Venezia – ace genealogist.  If you missed it – here is the link – Rich Venezia.  After posting the story, a reader availed herself of his services and raved about his thoroughness and professionalism.  H’mm I thought – let’s see if Rich will share some of his secrets with us.  I asked and he said yes!  That is a home run for the Nonna’s Mulberry Tree Team!


Clues from the cute genealogist!

Every time Rich sends me genealogy hints to share with you, they will be posted as a blog.  The link to that particular blog will be listed here.  Enjoy it once.  When you need the information look for the topic here.

Genealogy Hint 1 – Start with your Family!

Hint 2 – American Naturalization of your Ancestors

Hint 3 – Adventures In Church Archives

Take the time to discover yourself as you delve into your past.  

Researching With Rich

Rich Venezia is a professional genealogist based in Pittsburgh, PA. He specializes in Italian, Irish, and immigrant ancestry, and NJ/NYC and Pittsburgh-area research. He also assists clients with dual citizenship applications. He has worked on two genealogy TV shows (including PBS’ “Genealogy Roadshow”) and is available for client research and speaking engagements.  His website can be found at and he can be reached at He adores Midge and her blog, and is so thrilled to be visiting with her regularly. A presto!


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